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About Us

We spend a lot of our time on the go, but we tend to bounce back to a hub. Mission control, HQ or you could call it a desk. Our work and play are intertwined with this space, but we rarely take time to make it our own. For those who want to where do we turn? This was the question we asked ourselves in 2018. We began searching for an answer and had none. We then started the Deskmates journey, and began to understand how we could cater to the needs of people across the world who shared our frustration.

We wanted to help people personalize their desk space. We wanted to help them customize, accessorize, and make their space more fun to be around. So began the search for our favorite products. After a year of planning and preparation we finally had a catalogue ready. We broke down our collection into subsets in hopes of making it easier for our customers to find what they needed. 

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Let your space inspire you.