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Himalayan Salt Lamp – Multicolor


Add a source of ambient lighting to your desk with this multi-color lamp while bringing a slice of the Himalayas into your home.

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Mined at the base of the Himalayas in Pakistan, each piece brings its own natural beauty. A wooden base houses a bright built in LED which shines through a thick salt shell casting a captivating colorful glow onto your space. The lamp fades between colors every 5 seconds on its own. Each lamp weighs in between 0.75 to 1kg and stands approximately 12.5cm tall.

  • Dimensions: 7.5cm diameter, 12.5 cm height
  • Imperial Dimensions: 3” diameter, 5” height
  • Weight: 0.75- 1kg (1.6 – 2.2lb)
  • Light Source: Built in LED
  • Powered by USB input
  • Made in Pakistan


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