Spindle Storage Box – Umbra

Stacked storage compartments designed to keep your workspace organized. The sections fan out to allow easy access to your keepsakes.

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The Spindle storage box is another take on modern desktop storage. Made up of three felt lined compartments that can keep your jewelry and other accessories organized while keeping them within arms reach on your desk. A simple design allows the Spindle storage box to blend seamlessly into any workspace. Designed by Tom Vincent for Umbra Canada.
  • Each drawer is lined with felt to prevent scratching
  • Fabric lined base for easy sliding on desktop without causing surface damage
  • Compartments pivot on spindle at corner and have a magnetic closure holding them shut
  • Outer Dimensions: 11cm width, 13cm height, 19cm length
  • Outer Imperial Dimensions: 4.5” width, 5” height, 7.5” length
  • Weight: 0.63kg (1.44lb)
  • Perfect for: rings, earrings, watches, stationery, jewelry, and other small accessories
  • Backed by Umbra’s 5 year product warranty
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Length: 19.8cm
Width: 12.3cm
Height: 13.6cm


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