mTower Vertical MacBook Stand Aluminum

Built by Rain Design specifically to hold MacBooks with included adapters for a snug fit. Helps your device become a focal point in your workspace while freeing up more of your desktop when not in use.


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The mTower Vertical Macbook Stand by Rain Design is built entirely from a single piece of aluminum and features an anodized finish to match your laptop. The mTower includes rubber spacers to provide a perfect fit for all MacBook models. No adjustment is required just choose the adapter for your device and you’re ready to go. A heavy rubber coated base gives a solid stance for your laptop, and the vertical position allows for better cooling while your device is charging. Save space space on your desktop while you add an attractive accessory to your workspace.
  • Includes rubber grips for different MacBook models
  • Anodized aluminum to match Apple’s device finish
  • Compatible with MacBook Air 11/13, MacBook Pro 13/15 (retina), MacBook Pro 13/15/17
  • Provided rubber grips can be used for other devices but may not have a perfect fit
  • Outer Dimensions: 114mm x 88mm x 250mm (4.5″ x 3.5″ x 9.8″)
  • Weight 0.65 kg (1.44 lb)
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Length: 25.8cm
Width: 10cm
Height: 12.9cm
SKU: 891607000377