Wood Jewelry Tray – Wool lined – BeaverPeak

Canadian made wood jewelry trays with a layer of merino wool to keep your jewelry and watches safe.

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BeaverPeak’s wood jewelry trays have a wool layer to keep your delicates safe and organized. The soft merino wool inner layer is made of the same merino wool as BeaverPeak’s classic wool desk mats so it’s long lasting, adds a layer of padding to prevent scratches, and helps reduce noise.   BeaverPeak’s trays are handmade like all their items and the merino wool inner layer is perfectly cut to sit flat without the use of any glue. For cleaning, simply remove the wool layer, dust it off and place the it back into the tray.   If you prefer the look and feel of an all wood tray, you can also check out BeaverPeak’s original line of wood trays with rounded interior edges.   Dimensions: 24 x 17.5 cm (9.45 x 6.9 inches), Height: 2cm (0.75 inches)   Available in two finishes with two interior wool colours! – Wood finishes: Natural, Walnut – Wool Colours: Charcoal (Black), Pebble grey   …Psssst, we BeaverPeak uses the same wood plus stains for their headphone stands and accessory trays so they match each other!   Key Details: – Handmade in Canada! – Dimensions: 24 x 17.5 cm (9.45 x 6.9 inches), Height: 2cm (0.75 inches) – Weight: 370g (13oz) – Material: Canadian Oak wood, and Merino wool – Recyclable packaging only!