Left Handed Mini Notebook – Made in USA – Every Note and Reminder

Introducing our Left Handed Mini Notebook – Made in USA. Perfect for lefties, this pocket-sized notepad offers smooth writing on the go.

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Looking for the perfect notebook for left-handed writers? Look no further! Field Notes’ left handed notebook is specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of left-handed individuals. Made in the USA, this mini notebook is compact and portable, making it ideal for taking notes and jotting down reminders on the go. With its high-quality construction and lefty-friendly layout, you’ll experience smooth, comfortable writing every time. Whether you’re a student, professional, or a busy individual, this pocket-sized notepad is a must-have accessory. Get your left handed notebook today and enjoy the convenience of a notebook that’s made just for you. Specifications
  • Dimensions are 3-1/2″ × 5-1/2″ (9cm x 14cm)
  • Ruled Paper Only
  • Finch Paper Opaque Smooth 60#T “Bright White”


Length: 9cm
Width: 14cm
Height: 1cm
SKU: 858493003561