Poketo Vivid Gel Pen Set – Rollerball 0.5mm

A set of 4 gel pens from Poketo, with black ink and a matte rubber finish for comfortable writing. Available in 3 color palettes!

$ 19.88

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Poketo’s Vivid gel pen sets are available in three color palettes, warm, cool and the new pastel set. All sets come with 4 vivid gel pens. Each pen has a 0.5mm rollerball tip for a smooth and continuous writing feel. The body of each pen is covered in a matte rubberized finish for a soft feel and comfortable grip. A great gift for stationery enthusiasts in your life! Available Sets:
  • Warm: Yellow, Green, Orange, Red
  • Cool: Black, White, Deep Blue, Sky Blue
  • Pastel: Pink, Lemon, Mint, Lavender – NEW
  • 0.5 mm point, rollerball gel pen
  • Black Ink
  • Matte, rubberized finish
  • Length: 14.6 cm (5.75 inch)
  • Refillable