mBar Pro + Foldable Laptop Stand

Elevates laptop screen by 150mm (5.5”). Foldable aluminum stand designed especially for MacBooks, compatible with any similarly sized laptops. Available only in Space Grey, includes a cloth storage pouch for travel.


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The mBar Pro + laptop stand is built with aluminum alloy, making it lightweight, durable, and long lasting. It folds using sturdy hinges allowing you to use it on the go. The mBar Pro + raises your screen while tilting your keyboard towards you, giving you a more comfortable working position at your desk. Makes viewing, typing, and swiping on a Touch Bar much easier. The mBar Pro +’s minimal design with clean lines and subtle curves complements your laptop and enhances your workspace.
  • Elevates laptop by 150mm (5.5”)
  • Stand weighs in at 205 grams (0.45lb)
  • Anodized surface to match the MacBook’s texture
  • Increases airflow around laptop for better cooling
  • Fits most small to medium sized laptops
  • Dimensions: 243mm wide, 275mm in depth
  • Imperial Dimensions: 9.6” wide, 10.8 inches in depth
  Developed by Rain Design in California. One of our four available “m” family laptop stand designs. mBar: Fixed stand for at home use mBar Pro: Foldable stand with a bit less elevation (75mm) mTower: Vertical laptop stand for desktop storage


Length: 29.1cm
Width: 2cm
Height: 21.3cm
SKU: 891607000926