mBar Pro – Low Profile Foldable Laptop Stand

A foldable aluminum laptop stand designed for MacBooks, compatible with any similarly sized laptops. Raises screen by 75mm, available only in Space Grey, includes a cloth storage pouch for travel.


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The mBar Pro laptop stand is built with aluminum alloy, making it lightweight, durable, and long lasting. It folds using sturdy hinges allowing you to use it on the go. The mBar Pro raises your screen while tilting your keyboard towards you, giving you a more comfortable working position at your desk. Makes viewing, typing, and swiping on a Touch Bar much easier. The mBar Pro’s minimal design with clean lines and subtle curves complements your laptop and enhances your workspace.
  • Elevates laptop by 75mm
  • Stand weighs in at 130 grams (0.3lb)
  • Anodized surface to match the MacBook’s texture
  • Increases airflow around laptop for better cooling
  • Fits most small to medium sized laptops
  • Dimensions: 243mm wide, 250mm in depth
  • Imperial Dimensions: 9.6” wide, 9.8 inches in depth
  Developed by Rain Design in California. One of our four available “m” family laptop stand designs. mBar: Fixed stand for at home use mBar Pro +: Foldable stand with additional elevation (150mm) mTower: Vertical laptop stand for desktop storage


Length: 29.4cm
Width: 2cm
Height: 14.9cm
SKU: 891607000902